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Electrical Manufacturing schoolbag will due to technology development and always keep winning students, teachers in addition to parents recognition, as Electronic nearly indispensable today, means paper Email is very not disappear. Technical succeed made innovation can correct people study habits, and yet won’t destroy the drop teaching behavior, at quite in the foreseeable future, the situation won’t appear, The application of E – Manufacturing schoolbag, need the government organizations to promote some implementation, formulate standards, the price, supervise production, the integration, study so research of the resources, so the from each and every walks of life comprehensive agreement together operation, parents, teachers, and students, the arrest opinion, representatives of education and learning unit, the industry to give in hand.

Copyright protection “is the creation of ebooks soft rib, on one hand, worldwide, the void of corresponding to ebook copyright laws the definition and 100 % legal protection and on another hand, ebook as electronic digital digital products, and no advances in the protection of this state, can very definitely be copied, spread and tampering with the press along with the author put ebooks. However, along with the vapor rights management DRM systems in the world at development and mature, guide copyright protection on the type of technical level has got great progress. At factor time, the paper reserves press suffered heavy lessening from piracy, but as well as a helpless.

In contrast, steer clear of piracy, ebook beyond daylight hours soft rib with are likely to its attract pull and the publisher’s window. How to find a manufacturer for a product of publishing ebooks, will be listed on the normal paper produce big impact. Unfortunately, The country of china is still always published the information to find an effective combined with pattern, the core issue is ebook DRM electrical rights management money solved digital articles and other content of reading, getting and hearing, make access problems, end unauthorized consumption, this proliferation of online digital content, the core protection range together with content including text, graphics, image instigate format,, audiovisual substances and so available on.

Have the DRM technology, the satisfied creator, publishers, issuers, the interests among the consumer can virtually get effective protection, Electronic Manufacturing mags of copyright could be protected, value could be reflected, network uploading to enter our own benign development track, can form an industry. Therefore, the creation of our country with the help of independent intellectual territory rights of their DRM technology could be very necessary, is five good priority of the hem ebook publishing development. On the internet published with regulatory qualifications refers to your publishers, webbased on top of that distribution channels, publishing, sales of digitized publication activities also technology, its large content, including that you simply provide technical support, and network and as a result operation, consumers portion.